Animal feed pellet machine environment meaning and benefits


Animal feed pellet machine environment meaning and benefits 

Animal feed pellet machine has a great contribution on environmental causes, along with the environment protection consciousness enhancement, people put some crops reuse, relieve the energy crists, at the same time, promote the economic development of agriculture.

The straw pellet feed can meet the problems of winter forage for cattle and sheep, at the same time also can put the past abandoned crop straw into the long-distance transportation and long-term storage of goods, improve the level of the using of crop straw.

Small animal feed pellet machine can not only processing straw, such as corn, soybean meal, straw, rice husk material can be processed. many people are asking, what good of feed pellet prduced by animal feed pellet machine?

1. Improve the quality of feed, good palatability

2. According to the different livestock, choose feed morphology and size, improve food intake, reduce feeding time.

3. Can adapt different formula feed processing, expanded feed sources.

4. Granulating process of high temperature and pressure to reduce or eliminate various bacteria, add drugs also can prevention and teeatment of disease, improve the survival rate.