Floating Fish Feed Machine in Nigeria|Fish Feed Machine


Nigeria is one of the largest fish consumers in the world. Since the demand of fish is increasing continuously, many farmers have started fish farming in small scale for fulfilling their daily family demands or in large scale for making more profit. Commercial fish farming in Nigeria has great opportunities. One of significant factors in fish farming is fish feed which can offer fish better digestion & absorption and better living environment. To produce fish feed, lots of fish feed machines in Nigeria are widely utilized in fish farming. Obviously, fish feed machine, the equipment responsible for fish feed production, plays an important role in fish farming. Here let’s have a look at the floating fish feed and feed machines in Nigeria.

I. Fish Feed Made by Fish Feed Machine

Before discussing fish feed machines, we should have the clear idea of fish feed. Fish feed can be divided into sinking, slow sinking and floating aquafeed according to its buoyancy. Floating aquatic feed is suitable for Tilapia feed, Crucian feed, Ranidae feed, Weever feed etc.. In Nigerian fish farming, the floating fish feed is basically in great demand. Therefore floating fish feed machines are in strong demand in fish farming. 

Due to government’s support and great local raw materials available, fish feed production in Nigeria is profitable business. The main steps of feed production in Nigeria are as follows:

♦ Collect raw ingredients like maize, cowpeas, groundnut, melon, potato, cassava and so on.

♦ Clean materials to remove impurities and grind raw materials into powdery form with a feed hammer mill. 

♦ Feed the powdery ingredients into fish feed extruder to make feed pellets.

♦ Cool and dry the finished pellets with a cooler and dryer or in the sun, then the pellets can be fed to the fish directly.

♦ Packing feed pellets by the package machine(optional).