DGP Series Floating Fish Feed Extruder

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Posted : 2019-04-29 11:26:02
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Detail:DGP Series Floating Fish Feed Extruder,High quality & Good Price!
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DGP Series Floating Fish Feed Extruder

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    1.Introduction of Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine: 
    1.The floating fish feed extruder machine is widely used for producing variety materials into high-grade aquatic feed pellets for fish, catfish, shrimps, crab etc. 
    2.The final products have unique shape and good taste, high nutrition and smooth textures. 
    3.For feeds of fish and shrimp, the floating time in water can be adjusted by the extrusion degree adjustment.
    4.This dry type floating fish feed machine is an ideal for small and medium fish farm holders or feed processing plant.
    5.Feed pellets dia. Is 0.9-15mm.


    2. Raw materials of floating fish feed extruder machine
    1.Rice Dust: contain about 10-14% of protein and also contain vitamin B1, B2, B6 and small quantity of enzyme.
    2.Mustard Cake: Mix maximum 40% of cake in the fish feed. But don’t use dry cake more than 20%. Mustard cake contain 30-32% protein. It also contain a high rate of fat.
    3.Wheat Chaff: contain fiber, control many types of fish diseases. 
    4.Maize: contain protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin A and E.
    5.Cotton Seeds: contain about 54% protein. It is a better ingredients for supplementary fish feed.
    6.Fish Powder: easily digestible to fish. Fishmeal contain about 55-60% protein.
    7.Bone Powder: very necessary for building fish-bone.
    8.Innards : very suitable and ideal feed for catfish. It contain 52% protein.

    3. Features of floating fish feed extruder machine
    1) Biaxial machine differential conditioning: effects of aging particularly good tone quality, increase water vapor in the process of completely soaked and set the raw materials powder uniform ripening, the same time added to fish oil, lecithin ,fish soluble ,etc.

    2) Strong high-energy diet feeding of formula to add materials to address the process on the past, can not overcome the added high-fat, high-viscous. add the maxmum of fat up to 20% or more. 

    3) Template seat and the hang on-mount rotary cutter-Mining Block and the cutter template combinations can quickly replace them die cutter adjustment easier. reduce the production of products with different specifications for modeling time, and save an area of operation and maintenance of celan room manufacturing operations more convenient. cutter speed by the frequency converter stepless adjustment for easy control of particle length

    DGP Series Floating Fish Feed Extruder

    This Price Include:

    1.Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

    2.Elecric Control Cabinet 

    3.All the spare parts (Inlcude:Model,Wearing -Poof Casing,Lead Screw,Cutter,Heating Band ,Clamps,Professional Tools )

    For targeted help, please tell us: 

     1) What is the raw material you want to process? 

     2) What about the capacity? 

     3) Will you only need a single feed machine or need a full production line?

    DGP Series Floating Fish Feed Extruder,Floating Fish Feed Extruder,Fish Feed Machine,fish feed pellet machine prices.
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