Urbanfit Bootcamp is not just a Training Center and our instructors don’t just teach and coach you whenever you feel like it. We are a Lifestyle Fitness Revolution and when you are ready to change your life to a healthier, fitter and more discipline one, then we can do something about it. Till then, find out about who we are and what we offer in our classes and programs.

Muay Thai

Our training focuses both on the fighting skills, technique and also on stamina factors.

TRX Suspension

TRX Suspension uses long straps and handles in order to create a fitness program that uses one's own body weight and agility to activate muscle strength.

Bosu Balance & Core

It uses the Bosu Balance and Bosu Ballast Ball to work on core, balance and strength training.

Circuit Functional Training

Combines many high impact functional training tools in order to create a station-by-station circuit workout. Be prepared to sweat and tire out for this one.

Personal Training

Personal Training is a one-on-one class that puts emphasis on each client's target and schedule.

Outdoor Bootcamp

This once a week outdoor class encourages members to have outdoor activities or at least experience the great outdoors every now and then.

Urbanfit Bootcamp caters to everyone but especially for those who are searching for a place, a coach and a reason to change their lives into a Healthier, Fitter and more discipline one.

Kevin KumalaFounder

It’s as easy as 3… 2… 1… Go!

Join us in a class, see the people, meet the staff and see for your self.